Learner Profile Posters – Trailblazer Collection
Learner Profile Posters – Trailblazer Collection
Parita Parekh
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Vygotsky’s saying, “Through others we become ourselves”, speaks to the importance of exemplifying and understanding diverse role models. The IB Learner Profile represents 10 attributes that can help individuals and groups become responsible members of local, national, and global communities. So we thought – what better way to make the learner profile attributes come alive for our students than through trailblazing community members that have made a significant impact on our world! Our Learner Profile Posters showcase stories of role models who have taken action to bring about positive change.

Through this blog, you will find classroom strategies you can use with the posters and our key considerations while designing the posters. 


Classroom Strategy 1 – While creating these posters, we’ve intentionally described each individual through the lens of how they embodied Approaches to Learning.  For example, “Galileo Galilei – changed scientific thinking through astronomical exploration”. This is a great example of critical thinking skills! While using these posters in your classroom, ask students to identify and reason the evident Approaches to Learning.

Open minded

Classroom Strategy 2 – To further the Approaches to Learning lens, use these posters as a self-reflection tool for students to identify appropriate and relevant learner profile attributes. Students may gather evidence on how they have developed particular attributes, in connection with approaches to learning.


Classroom Strategy 3 – These posters can also serve as a starting point for thinking about how students are demonstrating two connected attributes. For example: Maria Montessori is Knowledgeably Open-minded. Encourage students to make connections amongst the learner profile attributes.


Classroom Strategy 4 – Use the posters as a tool for reflecting on local, national, and global challenges that we face in the world. For example, consider how Martin Luther King was Caring and what steps he took to progress the civil rights movement in the United States of America.


Classroom Strategy 5 – The Learner Profile Attributes are powerful to develop a shared language of communication across the school. Use these posters within school-wide initiatives such as, newsletters, school websites, and displays in the learning spaces to emphasize the centrality of the Attributes in the IB.

Risk takers

Classroom Strategy 6 – Developing the learner profile attributes is not a one-time event, it happens through intentional everyday practices. Make visible opportunities for students to put the learner profile into action. For example, display the posters in your classroom. Let students brainstorm where each of the role models belongs according to them. Spark dialogue and debate to encourage thinking skills. 


Classroom Strategy 7 – To us, it is key that these posters do not remain static printed artwork on classroom walls – build opportunities for students to interact with the posters and to add elements to it. For example, let students brainstorm other people from their local and global context that can be added to the posters. This can be done as a part of or outside a unit of inquiry.


Classroom Strategy 8 – Share the posters with parents as a means to develop understanding of the Learner Profile Attributes. At home, parents and children can discuss the broad range of trailblazers represented in these posters and who they might want to add!


The 30 Trailblazers poster set is a celebration of the IB mission statement in action. It provides teachers, students, and parents with tangible ideas for valuing, appreciating, reflecting, and building a shared language around the learner profile.


The creation of the learner profile posters involved a series of intense debates within our team. There were hundreds of other people who we wanted to include; similarly, there were many instances where people in the team felt that a particular role model should be in another attribute poster. For example, is Steve Jobs an inquirer or a risk-taker?

However, with constraints of an A3 sheet of paper, our final shortlist was made keeping in mind gender, culture, and ethnic diversity. We hope these posters spark similar debates within your classroom and school communities.

Make your classroom extra special! 🎉

Download these posters for your classroom and help students in their development and understanding of the attributes of the IB learner profile

Parita is the head of learning at Toddle and the bridge between teachers & engineers. She is a passionate early years educator who co-founded Toddler’s Den - a network of Reggio-inspired play-based preschools. She studied at Brown University and Stanford University.

Disclaimer - The ideas and resources presented in this blog have been developed independently from and are not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate (IB).
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