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Toddle Planathon
Recognising PYP Superheroes!
Create and share your best units and get access to units from across the world!!
13th Jan - 21st Feb 2020
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Why Planathon?
PYP teachers are constantly looking for inquiry resources, ideas, and inspirations. The Planathon is our attempt to solve this by involving the entire PYP community!
Our Review Panel
Anne-Marie Evans
International Education Consultant
Carla Marschall
Author, Instruction Consultant, Workshop Leader
Christianne Cowie
IB Lead Facilitator
Cindy Kaardal
Passionate PYPer, Inquiry Blogger, EdTech enthusiast
Derek Pinchbeck
School Leader, Workshop Leader, Consultant, Visitor
Mubeen Safura
Experienced IBEN and School Leader
Rachel French
Co-author, Concept Based Inquiry in Action
Ryan Higbea
Workshop Leader, PYP Coordinator
Seetha Murty
School Leader and IBEN
Yuni Santosa
IBEN and inquiry blogger
54 Categories
Share your best units across any of the 54 categories and take PYP collaboration to the next level!
(PreK to Grade 6)
Transdisciplinary themes per grade
Who we are
54 Categories
(PreK to Grade 6)
Transdisciplinary themes
per grade
Share your best units across any of the 54 categories and take PYP collaboration to the next level!
Why participate?
Join us to amplify collaboration - from your classroom to the whole world
Access all unit plans and resources created by educators from around the world
Get your units reviewed by our panel of experienced PYP educators
54 teams (one in each category) get to take home legendary PD and inquiry resources, Toddle goodies, and a lot more!
9 teams (one in each grade level) to win a free year-long Toddle subscription!!
How to participate?
Step 1
Step 1
Create your Toddle account and invite your team
Step 2
Step 2
Collaboratively plan your unit(s) and submit
Step 3
Step 3
Our panel will review and provide feedback on your submitted units
Step 4
Step 4
You get access to ALL units created during the Toddle Planathon
Download the Planathon handbook for detailed instructions on how to participate and the submission criteria
Download handbook
Planathon dates
24th Oct
Planathon registrations open
13th Jan
Planathon goes live; first day to submit your units
21st Feb
Last date to submit your units for the Planathon
15th Mar
Units selected by the review panel announced; all participants get access to all units created during the Planathon
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Disclaimer - The Planathon is an independent initiative and not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate (IB). The Planathon review panel has been formed independently and the feedback provided by the panelists are their personal opinions. The feedback provided should in no circumstances be construed as official feedback from the IB.