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Celebrate all-things PYP Exhibition with educators from around the world!
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About PYPx Pop-Up

Exhibitions, the culminating learning experience of the PYP, hold a special place in every PYP school. But this year, with schools shuffling between in-person and virtual learning, planning and implementing the PYP Exhibition is no easy feat.

PYPx Pop-Up is intentionally designed to give educators access to tools and best practices to simplify the process of planning a blended PYPx. With 9 focused-workshops and 2 intimate meet-ups, educators get a unique opportunity to learn from experts and connect with a global network. PYPx Pop-Up is open for everyone and it is completely free of cost to attend.

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Watch recorded sessions!
Watch recorded sessions!

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Power-up your blended PYP Exhibitions by learning and collaborating with friends and colleagues!
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