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Intuitive     Comprehensive     Powerful
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‘As part of the MYP: Next Chapter development team, I worked to help re-define how practitioners plan for collaborative inquiry in the programme. It’s really gratifying to see those principles translated with such fidelity into this platform.’
Dr Robert Harrison
Head of MYP Development 2013-18
One platform for all your teaching-learning needs
Plan collaboratively, create authentic assessments, document learning journeys, streamline IB evaluation, and engage families - all from one intuitive interface!
Where PYP teams create magic; loved by 20,000+ PYP educators around the world!
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The next generation MYP platform built in collaboration with experienced MYP practitioners
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For IB educators, by IB educators
At Toddle, our team has 100+ years of collective experience of working in IB schools. This gives us a nuanced perspective to design tools that supercharge collaboration and make teaching-learning come alive!
Intuitive and delightful
97% of teachers who shift from alternate platforms to Toddle report higher efficiency and reduced technology related stress
Collaborative by design
Collaboration is at the centre of an IB educator’s life. Whether it be collaborating with your team members or with your students and their families, you can do it all on Toddle
Face to face or online, we've got your back
Toddle enables a seamless transition between in-school and online learning ensuring continuity in the teaching-learning process
Seamless Experience
Toddle works great with any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools
Toddle Case Studies
Learn how schools around the world are using Toddle to take teaching-learning to the next level while improving efficiency and reducing costs
How Sandnes International School reimagined progress reports and created them in record time with Toddle
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