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Pedagogy at Play Summit

Your invitation to celebrate early childhood

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22nd-23rd April, 2023 | Virtual event
22nd-23rd April, 2023 Virtual event
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Illustration describes Preparing for a global gathering of early childhood educators.

Pick the play dough out from under your nails, shake off the sand, wipe the paint smears from your face…BUT…keep the glitter in your hair and definitely wear your cape!

Join us for two days of unparalleled learning with early childhood superstars and educators from around the world.

Designed with the child at the center, the Pedagogy at Play Summit focuses on seven key areas of early childhood learning - Math, Literacy, Arts, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Understanding the World, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Illustration describes seven key areas of early childhood learning. Illustration describes seven key areas of early childhood learning.

Get hands-on with our workshops, takeaway timeless ideas with our keynotes, build creativity with our action labs, and grow your network with our fireside chats!

Be inspired, reflect, recharge, and power-up with early childhood experts.
Listen, play, and ponder the latest innovations in early childhood.
Fireside chats
Gather round for conversations that spark ideas and warm your hearts.

Action labs
Get transported to an early childhood classroom as experts turn ideas into action! All in under 15 minutes.
A starter kit to introducing woodwork and inviting young builders
Playful Maths
Go beyond counting and explore maths through everyday play
Treasure Baskets
Create unique resources using simple objects and sustainable materials
Sound Art
Introduce children to sound as a medium of self-expression
Outdoor Learning
Extend the learning beyond the classroom with expert insights
& Loose Parts
Build storytelling kits using everyday materials

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