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Toddle is your partner for all things IBDP. From DP core and internal assessments to portfolios and progress reports - all in one beautiful interface.

94% DP students say Toddle is 10 times better than any other learning platform they have ever used

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Designed in partnership with DP educators and students

We have built our DP platform in close collaboration with DP educators and students from around the world. It has been our endeavour to create a platform that truly reflects the ethos of the programme.

Your all-in-one platform for the IB DP

Your all-in-one platform for the IB DP

DP Core (CAS, EE, ToK)

Most loved features

Guided workflows to support students put their best foot forward in the DP Core - CAS, EE, TOK

Real-time collaboration between students and supervisors

Visual dashboards to help teachers track student progress from one place

Streamlined submission of student work on the IB eCoursework platform


Most loved features

Create rich assessments using built-in DP assessment criteria

Custom modules for internal and external assessments across all DP subjects

Deep integration with Google Docs and Turnitin

Wide range of feedback tools - text, annotations, voice, and video

Visual dashboard for teachers to track student progress from one place

Streamlined submission of student work on the IB eCoursework platform

Progress Reports & Transcripts

Most loved features

Customisable report and transcript templates

Ongoing assessment data feeds seamlessly into progress reports saving teachers tonnes of time

Sharing progress reports with families - digitally or in print

Learner Portfolios

Most loved features

Students document their learning journey using a wide range of tools - photos, videos, sketches, voice notes and more

Portfolios on Toddle seamlessly connect to all other parts of the platform - progress reports, authorisation and evaluation module etc.

Student Productivity

Most loved features

Unified calendar for students to track internal and external deadlines across subjects and DP Core

Curriculum Planning

Most loved features

Collaborate with your team to design your course overviews, unit plans, lesson plans, and assessments

Access syllabus content and IB subject guidance at the click of a button with our inbuilt subject centres

Meaningful insights on curriculum coverage

Class Management

Most loved features

Set up your classes the way you want - SL, HL, or mixed

Everything you need for the smooth functioning of your class - calendar, announcements, messaging, and a lot more

Record student attendance based on your preference - by day, by period, by defining rotation days etc.

Family Communication

Most loved features

Keep families in the loop about student learning - portfolios, progress reports, attendance, and more

Send group announcements to parents or communicate one-on-one

Share school policies and event calendar with families

Exam Registration

Most loved features

Streamlined exam registration

Beautiful interface to capture student details and subject choices

Bulk upload of personal information on the IBIS platform

Streamlined Authorisation and Evaluation

Most loved features

Capture rich teaching and learning evidence on the go, while tagging them to IB Standards and Practices

Simplified organisation of all your evidence and documents; this eliminates the need for setting up complex google drive folders

Real-time collaboration with the visiting team

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Seamless Experience

Toddle works great on any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools

Your favourite tools integrated in one place

No more remembering passwords! Login to your Toddle accounts securely with a single click using the most popular Single sign on options.

Use your favourite video call service to schedule video calls right from within Toddle. Great for uninterrupted synchronous learning.

Sync your Student Information System with Toddle for seamless rostering and updating of student information.

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Seamlessly embed content from your favourite sources into your learning experiences and unit plans.
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