Toddle Demo Day | Jan 31, 2024
Announcing the much-awaited Toddle Demo Day Deep Dive! Join us on March 6 for detailed platform walkthroughs of our 4 latest innovations. Register Now.

Toddle Demo Day 2024

Watch the full recording of Toddle’s first-ever demo day! Explore how our new products can transform the teaching and learning experience at your school.

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Join us as we unveil our latest innovations designed to make teaching easy, impactful, and a little bit magical

Toddle Connect
The most powerful communication platform ever built for schools. Think Messenger meets Slack, but tailored for school communities.
Toddle Worksheets
The next-gen assessment platform to manage your entire assessment cycle. From creating and delivering assessments to monitoring progress, grading, and analytics.
Toddle AI 2.0
A smarter, context-aware teaching assistant. Get ready to experience enhanced lesson planning, progress reports, and portfolios.
IBDP Library
The largest library of expert-created IB exam-style questions ever built. Designed to be your ultimate partner for IBDP exam preparations.

Here’s why teachers love Toddle!

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