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The all-in-one platform for UbD® practitioners
Plan collaboratively, assess authentically, document learning journeys, and engage families - all from one intuitive interface.
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More than 1,000 schools use Toddle
Designed with Jay McTighe
“I have worked closely with the Toddle team to develop this platform specifically for schools following the Understanding by Design® framework. The result is a full-featured system that embodies the principles of UbD® with fidelity. The Toddle platform offers a powerful and user-friendly interface that supports effective curriculum design by individuals and teams. I highly recommend it!”
Jay McTighe
Educational Author and Consultant
Co-developer of Understanding by Design®
Intuitive . Comprehensive . Powerful
Collaborative Planning
Assessments & Reports
Student Portfolios
Family Communication
Remote Learning
Collaborative Planning
Assessments & Reports
Portfolios & projects
Family Communication
Remote Learning
Collaborative curriculum planning
Work individually or with your team to create your UbD® units, weekly plans, and yearly plans; get insights on your curriculum through curriculum maps.
and reports
Design rubrics, checklists, and more to authentically assess student learning. Create visual progress reports at the click of a button.
Student portfolios
Capture learning journeys and foster student agency through multimodal tools - photos, videos, sketches, audio notes etc.
Family communication
Partner with families to build an engaged community. Share student learning, portfolios, progress reports, announcements, events calendar and more.
Keep learning going - anytime, anywhere
  • Whether you’re teaching in-school or online, we’ve got you covered!
  • With Toddle Classroom, you can assign work remotely to students, give them rich 1:1 feedback, and also schedule video meetings.
Streamlined Accreditation
Capture evidence on the go while tagging them to relevant accreditation framework elements (CIS, NEASC, WASC etc.); say goodbye to pre-evaluation hassles!
Seamless Experience
Toddle works great with any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools
We value and protect your privacy
We understand that by using Toddle, you are placing your trust in us. It is our sincere endeavour that we do our utmost to uphold this trust.
Your all-in-one platform for planning, assessments, portfolios, projects, and reports!