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Your personal teaching assistant

Now access the limitless power of AI, right inside Toddle. Elevate your teaching practice and liberate yourself from non-core tasks so you can focus on what matters most - your students!

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We're integrating AI deep into our system,
enhancing everything from curriculum planning,
assessments to progress reports
and family communication.

Plan your curriculum
like never before

Lesson planning with Toddle AI is like planning with a co-teacher who has been mentored by everyone from Socrates and Maria Montessori to John Dewey and Sir Ken Robinson. Toddle AI can generate 100s of authentic ideas and create detailed lesson plans, rubrics, and resources - all in a matter of seconds.

Transform the way
you report on
student progress

No more spending hours writing comments in progress reports. Toddle AI is great at synthesising assessment data and can generate deeply personalised progress report comments at the click of a button.

Write better.
Communicate with

Toddle AI can help you conquer your writer’s block and create first drafts of anything - from announcements to assessment descriptions. It corrects spelling, grammar, and adjusts text length, improving your writing efficiency.

"Like everything we do at Toddle, our approach to using AI is rooted in collaboration and partnership. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with all of you to responsibly unlock the true potential of this amazing technology."

Deepanshu Arora

CEO, Toddle

Frequently Asked Questions

Toddle AI is an AI powered teaching assistant. With Toddle AI, our goal is to not only help teachers reclaim their time but also help them elevate their teaching practice so they can provide each child with the personalized learning experience they deserve. We're integrating Toddle AI deep into our system enhancing each and every workflow - from curriculum planning and assessments to progress reports, family communication, and data analytics.

Toddle AI is currently available only for Toddle 360 users. Even there, we are rolling it out to just 50 schools right now with the intent to incorporate early feedback. So if you are a Toddle user, and would like to access Toddle AI, please fill up the waitlist form here.

As a technology company committed to supporting educators in doing their best work, we see it as our responsibility to work hand-in-hand with educators from around the world to truly unlock the potential of this technology. We believe AI has the power to transform learning in a positive way but we are also keenly aware of the risks.

Our work with AI is guided by these 3 key principles:
  • Making sure the teacher is always in control - Toddle AI is designed just as a teaching assistant with teachers having full control over what AI generated output they want to use.
  • Using AI in a safe and secure way - Even though we are using multiple third party large language models to power Toddle AI, all interactions between Toddle and these LLMs are fully encrypted and anonymised. No Personally Identifiable Information is shared with third parties. This keeps Toddle AI safe and secure for all our users.
  • Educating educators about AI usage - We will soon be launching a course for educators and school leaders where they will be able to learn more about large language models, their potentials and limitations.

We are using multiple large language models (LLMs) to power Toddle AI. LLMs are a kind of artificial intelligence that can understand and create text like a human. They are trained on a lot of text data, picking up patterns and structures in language. After they're trained, they can generate new text based on what they've learned.

As part of our commitment to safe and responsible AI usage, all interactions between Toddle and the large language models (LLMs) powering Toddle AI are fully encrypted and anonymised. No Personally Identifiable Information is shared with third parties. This keeps Toddle AI safe and secure for all our users.