Toddle for IB candidate schools

Toddle for IB candidate schools

150+ Candidate schools have used Toddle to kick-start their IB journey in the last couple of years

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Why do IB candidate schools love Toddle?
In our experience working with IB candidate schools, there are 4 priorities:
See how Toddle has structures built in to cater to all of these needs of a candidate school.
Guided planner
On Toddle’s planner, your teachers will have access to step-by-step IB guidance as they plan their units.
Toddle's Unit Planning user interface that maps out with themes, attributes and approaches to learning
Mustafa Zaidi, Curriculum Director, testimonial about Toddle
Embedded PD
Each element of the planner is linked to resources, examples, and guiding questions to help teachers develop a better understanding of the IB.
Experienced IB educators as Toddle Buddies
Each school gets assigned a Toddle Buddy - an experienced IB educator who can answer any questions your teachers might have!
Chris Tweedie from The International School of Azerbaijan, testimonial about Toddle
Geraldine De Fazio testimonial about Toddle
Access to hundreds of high-quality unit plans and learning experiences
Toddle Community is the ultimate library of high-quality units and learning experiences created by experienced IB educators from around the world.
Managing the authorisation visit
We have designed a module specifically to help you manage your IB authorisation visit. With this module, you can:

  1. Collect evidences from any device and tag them to standards and practices at a single click
  2. Review these evidences from a dashboard (which also has exemplars built into it)
  3. Invite the visiting team to view the dashboard and interact with them from within Toddle
PYP coordinator Lisa applauds how efficient it is to document, review and organize Evidences on Toddle's platform
5 steps to PYP Authorisation
A compilation of key resources for PYP Candidate schools
Visit the Resource Bank
PYP Candidate schools go-to resource
One platform for all your teaching needs

Planning, portfolios, assessments, reports, family communication and remote learning - all from one place!

Loved by 40,000+ PYP educators, Toddle is your one-stop-solution for all things PYP.
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The next generation MYP platform. Planning, projects, assessments, reports and family communication - all from one place!
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The DP platform your students will fall in love with. A comprehensive end-to-end teaching-learning solution.
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Check out how schools around the world are using Toddle to supercharge their teaching-learning!

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