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The Play Summit is free for all participants! We value and appreciate all you do for the youngest learners and this event is our way of thanking you!

Sit back and get excited for The Play Summit to kick-off! We’ll be sharing resources, sneak peeks, and session links in the weeks leading up to the event. Spread the word among friends and colleagues so they can make the most of this opportunity too!

Feel free to pick the sessions you want to attend! We have some exceptional speakers and interactive sessions lined up as a part of the summit so we recommend that you attend as many sessions as you can!

Most sessions will be recorded and available on the website after the event. Some sessions might not be recorded at the speaker's request to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights.

A big part of attending any event is meeting new people and expanding your network. Our Choice Time sessions are planned for just that purpose. Choose a session topic that sparks your curiosity, join in, and engage with like-minded early educators from around the globe. Join the global Facebook community Early Childhood Educators' Playground to continue the conversations on social media even after the event. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and use the #ToddlePlay to be the first to know of all upcoming events!

The Play Summit is hosted by Toddle, an all-in-one teaching & learning platform for IB and other progressive schools. Toddle empowers teaching teams to work together and better and is used by 2,000+ schools worldwide. Visit www.toddleapp.com to learn more about how you can use Toddle in your school.

All participants who attend The Play Summit will be provided with a PD certificate from Toddle. Please add in your (correct) full names and use the same email ID you registered with while downloading the certificate!