Toddle's PYPx Pop-Up | FAQ's


I can’t find any details about the registration fee for PYPx Pop-Up. What should I do?

PYPx Pop-Up is fully free of charge! As educators, you are constantly looking to provide the best to your students. This event is our way of thanking you for your unending enthusiasm and passion.

I have registered? What should I do now?

Sit back and get excited for PYPx Pop-Up! We’ll share links to the sessions 2-3 days days prior to the event.

Should I attend all sessions at the event?

Feel free to pick the sessions you want to attend! We have some exceptional speakers and interactive sessions lined up as a part of the PYPx Pop-Up so we recommend that you attend as many sessions as you can!

I want to attend a session but I can’t make it at the time. Will I be able to see the session recordings later?

Most sessions will be recorded and available on Toddle Learn after the event. Some sessions might not be recorded to ensure protection of intellectual property rights

I love meeting new people at events. How can I meet people at PYPx Pop-Up if it’s fully virtual?

We know a big part of your event experience is meeting new people and expanding your network, that is why we’ve organized 2 Meet-Up sessions. The Meet-Up sessions are Zoom meeting rooms with opportunities to meet, share and learn with PYP educators from around the world. Be sure to attend the Meet-Ups to get to know your PYP colleagues from around the world and access best practices. You can follow the event hashtag #PYPxPopUp to continue the conversations on social media even after the event.

This looks like a cool event. Who is it organized by?

PYPx Pop-Up is a community initiative by Toddle. Toddle is a collaboration platform for PYP and MYP teachers. Toddle seamlessly integrates curriculum planning, evidence collection, student portfolios, reporting, and parent communication – all from one beautiful interface – and helps teachers focus on the important things. Visit to learn more about how you can use Toddle in your school.

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PYPx Pop-Up is a community initiative by Toddle. We at Toddle are committed to supporting educators with best-in-class learning opportunities that are designed to encourage teacher agency. Subscribe to our newsletter at to stay updated about our latest webinars, blogs, and resources.

Toddle is an all-in-one platform for IB PYP and IB MYP teams. Toddle empowers teachers to work together and better for curriculum planning, student portfolios, assessments, reports, and family communication - all from one intuitive interface!
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