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We empower teaching teams to do their best work. 97% teachers say Toddle is 10x better than any other learning platform they have ever used.
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Why choose Toddle?
Clean and beautiful Interface
beautiful interface
Built by your fellow educators, Toddle’s beautiful, intuitive interface will become your happy place on your busiest days at work!
Saves three extra hours per teacher per week
3 extra hours/
89% teachers say that Toddle saves them 3 hours per week
Round the clock live support
World class support from
experienced educators
24*7 live chat support built into the platform, as well as a dedicated “Toddle Buddy” available to you via phone, email and Zoom for all support and training needs
Seamless transition to Toddle from any other platform
Seamless transition from
your current platform
We help your school transition to Toddle without a hassle. We take care of all your data migration needs
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8 reasons why Australian Schools prefer Toddle
Integrated Ecosystem
Toddle seamlessly integrates curriculum planning and mapping, day-to-day teaching and learning, assessments, student portfolios, reporting, attendance and parent communication
Infographic summarising how cirriculum planning, assessments and parent communication are all integrated by Toddle in one platform
Custom templates show multiple options for planning, creating and scheduling unit plans and goals
Highly customisable
From planning templates to report cards, Toddle is fully customisable to align with your school's unique needs, goals and context
Collaborative curriculum planning
Teaching teams can add comments and assign tasks to colleagues as they collaboratively build curriculum maps, yearly plans or unit plans.
Screen grab shows teachers collaborating, commenting and discussing the unit plans in real time
Tables show a systematic approach to cirriculum mapping and tracking sorted by subjects.
Curriculum mapping and analytics
Map your curriculum across subject areas and identify areas of improvement. Get deep analytics on how standards are being planned, taught, and assessed
Student Portfolios
Empower students to document their learning journey using a wide range of tools - photos, videos, sketches, voice notes, and more
A preview of customisable student portfolios for every subject to keep track of their progress
A sample of visual progress report card of a student that generates their progress in each subject instantly
Visual Progress Reports
Create progress reports in an instant using our in-built, customisable templates. Teachers can also share report cards with families - digitally or in print
Family communication
Share portfolios, assessment data, progress reports, attendance, and more with parents to keep them meaningfully and authentically engaged with the school community
An Example of Progress report shared to parents in real time for their involvement
Sneak peak into the Toddle community that is a library of prebuilt unit plans, guides and experiences shared by educators
Vast content library
Access hundreds of built-in resources - unit plans, assessments, and learning experiences - created by experienced educators from around the world
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Seamless Experience

Toddle works great on any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools

Toddle User Interface is compatible with all devices – computer, mobile, and tabs
We value and protect your privacy
Toddle follows Australian Privacy Principles Toddle stores data via AWS in Sydney
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