Your teaching
partner through
the Key Stages

With Toddle, you can plan your curriculum through all the key stages, conduct authentic assessments, engage families, and streamline accreditation - all from one beautiful interface!

97% teachers using Toddle report improved collaboration, higher efficiency, and reduced technology related stress
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curriculum planning

Create subject-specific unit and lesson plans across all the key stages

Collaborate with teaching teams within your school or other schools (for MATs) to ensure efficient planning and curriculum delivery

Deliver your curriculum through beautiful lesson plans and activities

Ensure horizontal and vertical alignment of the curriculum

and feedback

Prepare pupils for the SATs using past year’s papers and a wide repository of assessments

Assess pupils against the attainment targets at the end of KS1 and KS2

Create tests and examinations using the in-built, customisable assessment tools

Measure progress against age-related expectations

Visual progress reports

Create progress reports in an instant using the in-built, customisable templates

Maintain ongoing assessment data, artefacts of learning (photos, videos, etc.) that feeds seamlessly into progress reports

Share report cards with families - digitally or in print


Run school accreditation process or self-evaluation by capturing rich teaching and learning evidence and tagging to built-in accreditation frameworks (ISI, Ofsted, Ofqual and COBIS)

Maintain all your evidence and documents on Toddle, eliminating the need for complex google documents and drive folders

Collaborate in real-time with visiting teams

Family engagement
& attendance

Record student attendance as per your school’s preference - by day, by period or by defining rotation days

Keep families in the loop about student learning - share portfolios, assessment data, progress reports, attendance, and more

Send group announcements to parents or communicate one-on-one

Share school policies and event calendar with families

Deep analytics
& insights

Most loved features

Get deep analytics on how standards are being planned, taught, and assessed

Easily track student performance and get personalised insights on ways to improve curriculum and instruction at every level

Promote transparency in your school community by sharing these insights with parents and other stakeholders

Seamless Experience

Toddle works great on any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools

Your favourite tools integrated in one place

No more remembering passwords! Login to your Toddle accounts securely with a single click using the most popular Single sign on options.

Use your favourite video call service to schedule video calls right from within Toddle. Great for uninterrupted synchronous learning.

Sync your Student Information System with Toddle for seamless rostering and updation of student information.

:...and more to be added soon.

Seamlessly embed content from your favourite sources into your learning experiences and unit plans.
Access your Google Drive and One Drive at the click of a button.

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