We believe in responsible growth
Toddle partners with iKeepSafe for audits of its data protection practices and certifications for compliance with laws. iKeepSafe is a leading agency in auditing the data protection practices of companies and specialises in Education Technology.
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Our Promises To You
We are signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge. As a part of the Pledge, here are our promises to our users:
  • We will collect, use, share and, retain data only for purposes authorised by the school
  • We will never share any information with advertisers or marketers
  • We will never sell data
  • We will never advertise in Toddle
  • We don’t own anything users add to Toddle: Users Do
  • Students' Portfolios are private to the classroom
  • We use the latest security best practices to keep all user data safe
  • We are compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR
  • We will notify users of any changes in our Privacy Policy
One of our core values is to grow responsibly. It is our commitment to uphold the trust that you have placed in us by sharing your data.
Deepanshu Arora
Founder and CEO, Toddle
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