Partner with us to build the first,
teaching & learning platform
for the Cambridge Pathway

Partner with us to build the first, all-in-one teaching & learning platform for the Cambridge Pathway

We are building the ultimate teaching & learning platform for the Cambridge curriculum in collaboration with Cambridge educators from around the world. We invite you to be a part of it!

Partner with us

Let’s make magic happen, together!

98% of educators say that Toddle has had a transformative impact on their practice. As we build Toddle for the Cambridge Pathway, it is important to us that the voices of Cambridge educators get reflected in our platform. We would love to partner with you to build a revolutionary solution that helps educators take their instructional practice to the next level. All we need is 2 hours of your time to share your expertise with us!

Partner with us

How will this
partnership work?

Partner with us

Why should you partner?

Apart from our eternal gratitude and professional satisfaction of creating something that will transform learning in classrooms across the world, you will also get:

Early access to
the platform

Special Year 1 pricing for Toddle
for your school

Free access to an exclusive
event for Cambridge educators!

What features will Toddle for the Cambridge Pathway have?

Toddle for the Cambridge Pathway will be a one-stop-solution for all things Cambridge. The platform will have the following features:

Seamless Experience

Toddle works great on any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools

Your favourite tools integrated in one place

No more remembering passwords! Login to your Toddle accounts securely with a single click using the most popular Single sign on options.

Use your favourite video call service to schedule video calls right from within Toddle. Great for uninterrupted synchronous learning.

Sync your Student Information System with Toddle for seamless rostering and updating of student information.

:...and more to be added soon.

Seamlessly embed content from your favourite sources into your learning experiences and unit plans.
Access your Google Drive and One Drive at the click of a button.

We value and protect your privacy