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Toddle empowers teaching teams to do their best work. 97% teachers say Toddle is 10x better than any other learning platform they’ve ever used.

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40,000+ educators across 1,500+ schools love Toddle

One platform for all your teaching-learning needs
85% of our partner schools replace 3 or more platforms when they bring in Toddle
Curriculum Planning
Assessment and Feedback
Portfolios and Projects
Progress Reports
Family Communication
Streamlined Accreditation

School leaders ❤️ Toddle

93% school leaders say that Toddle is the most responsive technology company they have ever worked with

Custom solutions for different curriculum frameworks

Education is no place for a one-size-fits-all approach. We have thus built custom solutions for different curriculum frameworks to make sure that Toddle truly works for you.

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Collaborative by design
Collaboration is at the centre of a 21st century educator’s life. Whether it be collaborating with your team-members or with your students and their families, you can do it all on Toddle
Intuitive and delightful
97% of teachers who shift from alternate platforms to Toddle report higher efficiency and reduced technology related stress
Visual representation of how Toddle positively affects teachers, resulting in 97% higher efficiency and lower tech stress.

Seamless Experience

Toddle works great on any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools

Toddle User Interface is compatible with all devices – computer, mobile, and tabs

Your favourite tools integrated in one place

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No more remembering passwords! Login to your Toddle accounts securely with a single click using the most popular Single sign on options.

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Use your favourite video call service to schedule video calls right from within Toddle. Great for uninterrupted synchronous learning.

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Sync your Student Information System with Toddle for seamless rostering and updating of student information.

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:...and more to be added soon.

Seamlessly embed content from your favourite sources into your learning experiences and unit plans.
Access your Google Drive and One Drive at the click of a button.

Toddle case studies

Hear from our educators on how they streamlined all their teaching and learning needs with Toddle, and went on to ace their roles - in and out of the classroom!

We value and protect your privacy

Invite your tribe to collaborate and grow as leaders.
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