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Whether you’re teaching in-school or virtually, Toddle is your partner for all things PYP. Planning, portfolios, assessments, and reports - all from one intuitive interface!
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Collaborative planning, student portfolios, report creation, and family communication
- all from one intuitive interface!
Real-time Collaborative Planning
Toddle’s guided interface ensures you stay true to the PYP. Collaborate in real time and access all your current and past work from one place.
POI, yearly, unit, weekly, daily plans
Step by step IB guidance
Curriculum alignment analytics
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Student Portfolios & Reports
Meaningfully engage students, track individual learning journeys, and create visual progress reports at the click of a button.
Portfolios tools (photos, videos, & more)
Student self-evaluation & goal-setting
Visual progress reports
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Evidence Collection
Say goodbye to the pre-evaluation hustle. Collaboratively collect authentic evidence in line with IB requirements.
On-the-go evidence collection (photos, videos, & more)
Evidence tagging to PYP elements and S&Ps
Support for school action plan
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Family Communication
Strengthen home-school relationship. Give parents a window into student learning and happenings at the school.
Live access to portfolios
Progress report sharing
Announcements, policies, and calendar
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Toddle is a game changer! The platform intuitively reflects PYP learning and teaching, and the customer service and support are almost instantaneous. So thankful to be a Toddle school!
Katie Stone,
PYP Coordinator,
Bandung Independent School, Indonesia
Seamless Experience
Toddle works great with any computer or device and seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools
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Your all-in-one platform for planning, assessments, portfolios, projects, and reports!
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