Create impact as a
Toddle Ambassador!
Be part of a global tribe of passionate educators who believe in the power of community and bringing teacher-first technology to classrooms! If you are a PYP Coordinator, a tech integrationist, or a PYP teacher who believes in Toddle as much as we do, apply now to join our 2020 cohort.
Applications are closed for 2020 cohort!
Who are Toddle Ambassadors?
Power users
Ambassadors have a deep understanding of Toddle and use it effectively to strengthen their teaching and learning.
Reliable advisors
Ambassadors influence the product-vision at Toddle; they review new features before they’re launched and give meaningful feedback.
Passionate creators
Ambassadors design, create, and share meaningful learning resources on Toddle Community.
Genuine advocates
Ambassadors share their love for Toddle with their local and global community of educators.
Why become an Ambassador?
Join a global community of educators and uncover new learning opportunities
Get a sneak-peek into upcoming innovations and inform the future of Toddle
Collaborate with the Toddle team to co-create the product roadmap
Share your learnings at Toddle summits, community events, and webinars
Receive an “Ambassador” badge and other cool personalized merchandises
Application Timeline
*selection process might take upto 3 weeks
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Toddle Ambassador Programme?
Toddle started as a passion project in the ICT lab of a school. Today, the Toddle Community is 20,000+ strong. “Being Teachers First” is our foremost core value at Toddle. The Ambassador Program is our attempt to ensure that Toddle users always have a voice on the table and play a proactive role in shaping the future of Toddle.
Who can be a Toddle Ambassador?
Anyone can become a Toddle Ambassador. You can be a PYP Coordinator, a school administrator, technology integrationist or a really awesome teacher. The only thing needed is a passion for Toddle.
Do I have to work at a Toddle 360 school if I want to be an Ambassador?
No. You just have to be a passionate user of the Toddle product(s).
What is the selection criteria to become a Toddle Ambassador?
Selections are based on finding educators who can best extend our reach across the world and help us create meaningful products. In our ambassadors, we are looking for curiosity, knowledge, ability to communicate with others, and lots of raw enthusiasm.
How many Ambassadors are accepted into each cohort?
The size of every cohort depends on the number and quality of applications. We hope to admit 50 ambassadors in the 2020 cohort depending on the application pool.
What are the responsibilities and time commitments of an Ambassador?
Ambassadors are likely to spend anything between 4-6 hours every month. This time will be spent on creating learning resources, engaging educators on Toddle Community, participating in product feedback sessions and talking to IB PYP leaders on topics of interest.
If I am selected, how long do I remain an Ambassador for?
Ambassador terms are usually one year long and extendable by choice.
Can I do Toddle Talks webinars as an Ambassador?
Yes, you may volunteer to lead a Toddle Talks webinar. It is in fact, part of your responsibility to engage with our growing community and create content.
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