Say goodbye to the pre-evaluation hustle!
Collect authentic teaching and learning evidence on the go. Make documentation aligned to the IB Standards & Practices part of your school culture!
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Toddle helps our teachers collect classroom evidence in line with IB requirements. It saved us invaluable time during the critical pre-evaluation period.
Jemily Kulkarni,
PYP Coordinator,
Ahmedabad International School, Ahmedabad, India
Collect rich evidence on the go
Capture teaching and learning through photos, videos, audio-notes and more. Access evidence from your colleagues’ classes and get inspired.
Tag PYP elements and Standards & Practices to evidence
Avoid the pain of shuffling through folders to find relevant evidence. Neatly catalogue your and your students’ work so evaluators can access it at the click of a button.
Enrich your reflections with classroom evidence
Revisit visual evidence from past years as you reflect on what worked and what didn’t in a unit.
Your all-in-one platform for planning, assessments, portfolios, projects, and reports!
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