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Toddle makes MYP
assessments a lot simpler.

Having MYP criteria rubrics in-built saves hours of effort. And we love the many different ways in which we can give feedback on student work - especially the video feedback feature has been an incredible help!

Ms. Sunay Akyurek
Adapazarı ENKA Schools, IB MYP Coordinator
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1 in every 3 MYP schools uses Toddle

Save hours with in-built MYP criteria-based assessments
Create rich assessments and tag to in-built MYP criteria-based rubrics. Seamlessly add task-specific clarifications. Or use other assessment tools such as point-based scoring, checklists, anecdotes, or single-point rubrics.
MYP criteria-based rubric assessment helps to keep track of all criteria that need to be addressed
Step to add student templates from Google Drive
Use student templates from G-suite or Office 365
Automatically create and share copies of your assessments with students and collaborate in real time with each of them, from within Toddle.
Assign work to students on a single click
Support differentiated learning by assigning different work to different student groups, schedule for a future date, define a submission deadline - all from a beautiful interface.
Demonstrates creating an assessment framework and assigning work to students through Toddle
Showcasing the tools like photos, images, audio, videos, files and drawings used to document and submit student's learning journey
Promote student agency with a choice of submission formats
Give your students the choice to submit their work as photos, videos, links, PDFs, notes, documents, Google Docs, Slides or Sheets, or, our native workbook.
Share your feedback, at the best time, and in the best way
Annotate on live student work and share personalised feedback as videos, audio-notes, attachments, or messages.
Giving feedback to student by annotating on their works
Progress report overview of a student available in the student portfolio
Get actionable insights on student performance
Get analytical views on student diligence and scores. Easily arrive at best-fit scores.

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