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Planning on Toddle is a delight.

We love the intuitive design and how easy it is to collaborate with voice messages and comments. But what we love the most are the analytics and IB guidance. Makes life so much easier.

Lisa Marshall
MYP Coordinator, Sage International School, Middleton
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1 in every 3 MYP schools uses Toddle

Visual representation of collaborative unit planning with unit flows.
Create beautiful unit plans with visual unit flows
Collaboratively plan subject-specific or interdisciplinary units. Break down the unit into learning experiences and assessments and visually unpack with the unit flow.
See curriculum at a glance with Subject Group Overviews
View the entire curriculum at a glance with automatically generated subject group overviews as per IB guidance. Customise the view with filters, or download a copy.
A table that shows curriculum highlights against the subjects as recommended by the IB
Table illustrating insights on the number of units a key concept was addressed in
Ensure balance of curriculum with actionable insights
Get automatically generated, detailed insights on coverage of ATLs, MYP Objectives, Learner Profile Attributes, Key Concepts and Related Concepts to ensure a balanced curriculum.
Develop a coherent view of your class’s yearly learning journey
Make your yearly plan come alive and instantly track curriculum coverage across subjects, global contexts, key and related concepts, ATLs, and more.
Track curriculum coverage across subjects and key concepts visually.
Showcasing Seamless Real-Time Collaboration in unit-planning through tagging, Audio Notes, and Comments
Collaborate in real-time, just like in Google Docs
Collaborate effortlessly by tagging teachers, leaving audio notes, or adding comments while creating units.
Understand IB better with IB Professional Development on the go
Access step-by-step guidance from the IB guides in simple, easy-to-understand language.
Steps to map out Approaches to learning in the unit alongwith a pop-up glossary of the IB terms
Toddle Library showcasing a collection of exceptional units.
Get inspired by exceptional units in the Toddle Library
Access hundreds of high-quality units, learning experiences and assessments created by experienced MYP educators.
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