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Partner with families.
Build an engaged community.

Build a strong bridge between school and home. Share student learning, progress reports, school policies, event calendar and more!

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Collaborating with families to foster community engagement. Collaborating with families to foster community engagement.

1 in every 3 MYP schools uses Toddle

Give parents a window into their child’s learning
Welcome families to your class. Share student work with parents, make them a partner in the student’s learning journey.
Screenshot of an activity update done by the teacher to inform parents about the student's learning
Toddle messaging interface for 1-on-1 communication with families using texts and audio notes.
Communicate with families through 1-on-1 messaging
Have 1:1 conversations with families from within Toddle. Easily share photos, videos, audio-notes, and more in your messages.
Share announcements with families
Share announcements for a specific class, grade, or the entire school in one go, and keep track of who has read your messages.
Creation of an announcement for class, grade, family or school-wide updates via Toddle
Illustration of user-friendly attendance and timetable customization.
Flexibly setup attendance and timetables
Set up attendance as per your preference daily, weekly, for every period or with rotation cycles. Upload class timetables to auto-generate student time tables, and share with families in a few clicks.
Keep families updated with upcoming events through the calendar
Create class-level or school-wide events and share with teachers, students, and families. Sync with Google Calendar, automatically.
Calendar feature for keeping families up-to-date on upcoming events.
Families trust MYP schools that use Toddle

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