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We love how Toddle allows for real time collaboration between students and supervisors for MYP projects!

Our supervisors are now able to engage more actively with our students’ projects and get a better idea of how to support them.

Hoonseok Oh
MYP Personal Project Coordinator, Sejong Academy of Minnesota
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1 in every 3 MYP schools uses Toddle

Streamline MYP Personal Projects, Community Projects and Service as Action
Experience the power of modules built- specifically for the MYP projects - Personal, Community and Service as Action
Snaps of the Project dashboard show project journal updates, learning goals and deadlines
A screenshot of the Personal & Community Projects management interface.
Personal & Community Projects
Assign supervisors, capture meeting notes, track student progress and deadlines from the project journal, auto-generate the Academic Honesty Form, and give 1-on-1 feedback - all from a beautiful interface.
Service as Action
Customise reflection questions, create student activities, approve activity proposals, tag service-learning outcomes, track achievement of service-learning outcomes, and capture student reflections, from within Toddle.
Creation of student activities and giving approvals to track service as action units
A preview of the title and learning goals being crafted for the Global context unit
Bring feedback to life with audio comments and notes
Give actionable feedback to students through audio comments or notes on every aspect of the projects.
Track all deadlines from a single, unified calendar
Streamline student work management with all deadlines flowing into one single combined calendar
Calendar interface for sharing upcoming events with families.
Steps to verify academic integrity with Turnitin integration in Toddle.
Ensure academic integrity with Turnitin integration
Check the similarity index of all student submissions from within Toddle at the single click of a button. Send the work back to students based on the results.
Simplify IB submissions
Automatically generate submission forms in the exact format that the IB needs.
MYP Academic honesty forms integrated into the Toddle interface

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