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The level of customisation of progress reports on Toddle is amazing (and) the ease with which it can be done.

The way progress reports connect with student portfolios makes them really evidence-based and engaging for parents

Mr.Mustafa Zaidi
Joint Director (Curriculum) , Focus High School
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1 in every 3 MYP schools uses Toddle

Build highly customisable progress reports
Customise progress report templates in minutes.Choose elements to report on, add custom sections, change headings, and reorder elements - all the while looking at a live preview from a super intuitive interface.
A representation of highly Customizable Progress Report feature on Toddle
A screenshot of the MYP assessment reporting tool that uses comments, marks and draws insights of the student performance
Report the MYP way
Arrive at the best-fit rating for every student based on their assessment history. Report on criteria, point-based or anecdotally.
Bring progress reports alive with embedded evidence of learning
Seamlessly connect your reports with student portfolios to embed evidence of student learning in a single click. Makes progress reports highly engaging and meaningful for families.
Progress reports integrated with evidence of student learning along with grades and comments
A Screenshot that outlines assessment criteria and goals for class reports and personal projects Share progress report popup
Hassle-free sharing with families at the single click of a button
Lock reports once completed by teachers and share with families on the single click of a button.
Create beautiful subject-specific portfolios
Give students the choice to capture their work as photos, videos, PDFs, documents, audio-notes, and more. Tag subjects, units, learning goals, or service learning outcomes and see progress over time.
A screenshot of the journal creation interface with diverse media options
Toddle’s progress reports are a delight for teachers and families alike

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