Make learning visible, amplify agency in your class!
Capture learning journeys, foster agency, track progress, and create beautiful reports - all from one place!
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Available in English and Español
I can honestly say that Toddle is an absolute game-changer! It is aligned to the PYP philosophy and does EVERYTHING a PYP school needs to function properly. I wish I’d discovered it sooner!
Peter Dohrmann,
Homeroom Teacher,
Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, Shanghai, China
Digital Portfolios
Create a visual memory of your class’s learning journey through photos, videos, audio-notes and more. Empower student voice and choice to demonstrate and share learning.
Assessment creation and evaluation
Create rubrics, checklists, single-point rubrics, and more to authentically assess student learning. Share assessments with students for self-evaluation.
Progress tracking at individual and class level
Get deep insights on individual student progress and class progress across PYP elements and curriculum goals.
Visual Reports
Generate beautiful progress reports embedded with photos, videos, and more at the click of a button. Share it with parents electronically or in print!
Personalized Goal-Setting
Equip your students with tools to define their personal projects and exhibition ideas. Monitor student progress, review their work, and provide personalised feedback to help them achieve their goals.
Your all-in-one platform for planning, assessments, portfolios, projects, and reports!
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