Toddle vs Other Platforms: Make a 10x difference with Toddle? Read this!

Teachers say Toddle is 10 times better than other IB platforms they’ve used.

You pay less for more features with better support and an interface that’s beautiful. Not to mention, the seamless transition from your current platform!
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Over 500 IB schools have switched from other platforms to Toddle in the last 2 years.

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Why do teachers say that Toddle is a significant upgrade over other platforms?
Read on to know more about whats sets Toddle apart.
Easy to use, beautiful interface
Educators are too busy to deal with clunky tools. Built by your fellow educators, Toddle’s beautiful, intuitive interface will become your happy place on your busiest days at work!
Powerful unique features
At Toddle, we’ve built powerful unique features to help you do your best work.

Toddle Workbook - Watch here
Toddle Classroom - Watch here
Authorisation and evaluation module - Watch here
Toddle Community - Watch here
World class support from experienced educators
We don’t just support you, we partner with you in your journey. You work with your “Toddle Buddy”, an experienced educator whose only priority is to help you get the most out of Toddle.
Seamless transition from your current platform
We help your school transition to Toddle without a hassle. It's on us to make sure that all your data is safely moved into Toddle.
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